Quick Tips to Make Your Home a Safer Space

When it comes to protecting our families and ourselves, we’re all interested in home safety. But we don’t always know exactly how to create a safe yet thriving environment for our families, friends, and pets. That’s why The Renovation Directory has put together some tips and resources to help you make safety a priority without spending a bundle or sacrificing your freedom. 


The Initial Evaluation


When you’re trying to evaluate the safety of your home, start with a walk around the perimeter. Does your driveway have crumbling asphalt and potholes? Are your outside lights functional? How close is the grill to your home? Can you see all of the windows from the road? Are there holes in the roof? Once you spot potential safety hazards, you can make a plan to have them fixed.


Common safety issues, such as those listed above, are typically easy to fix, and doing so will do your world of good.


  • Potholes/holes in the yard. Potholes in the driveway and holes in the yard can lead to a sprained or broken ankle. These common yet painful injuries are typified by inflammation, pain, and loss of motion. Make sure that all concrete and asphalt surfaces are filled and sealed and that you have not let your dog (or kids) dig holes throughout the yard.


  • Poor lighting. Berwick Electrical explains that there are many issues caused by poor lighting, including greater potential for vandalism, theft, and injury. If you have floodlights, make sure that all are working properly. If you don’t currently have your property lit, consider adding, at minimum, solar motion lights.


  • Fire hazards. There are many fire hazards that are probably present in your home right now. Combustible materials, space heaters, and even your stove top the list. But, the quickest and simplest to rectify is to move your grill away from your home. Own The Grill recommends at least three feet from the house and 10 feet from flammable objects.


  • Overgrown shrubbery. Overgrown shrubbery is a haven for criminals as it provides cover in darkness. Spend an afternoon trimming the bushes and making sure that there are no limbs extended close enough to make it easy to climb inside of your home.


  • Mould. Mould can trigger significant respiratory distress in vulnerable individuals. If you notice water spots on the ceiling, missing shingles, or missing flashing, it’s time for a roof assessment and repair. You may also need to take mould mitigation tactics, such as spraying a 50/50 water/bleach solution on small moulded areas. Larger jobs may require a professional.


Home Office Safety


If you are one of the millions of people who currently run a home business, you need to pay attention to safety here as well. A security system is a great option. The right system will deter criminal activity and alert you and the authorities of any issues, such as a potential fire or break-in. Look for a security system that allows you to control things like your HVAC and office equipment, and that comes complete with video surveillance. You also need to create a disaster plan, which can be beneficial to both your employees and your family.


Protect Important Documents


Keeping digital copies of important documents in the cloud is a prudent measure for safekeeping, especially in the event of a disaster. For documents that are not already in a digital format, you’ll probably want to try a PDF file converter. This tool allows you to easily convert various document types into PDFs, which are universally accessible and known for their secure and compact format. By storing these PDFs in the cloud, you ensure that critical documents such as personal identification, property deeds, insurance policies, and essential business records are protected and accessible from anywhere, providing peace of mind and continuity in unforeseen circumstances.


Your home and family deserve to be safe, and making your home (and home office) a safe haven isn’t as hard as you might think. Small steps, such as trimming the shrubs, installing a security system, and patching potholes, will go a long way toward ensuring your home and the people that live there are safe and sound.


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Image via Pexels