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Main floor full Reno

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We had our extensive home renovation done with TIPEQ and they did an outstanding job in bringing our vision to life! The team is professional and stands behind their work 100%. Sasha is such a personable individual who truly cares about the quality of his projects. He treated our home as it was his own and cares about our budget more than we did! When we wanted to start the renovation, we talked with many highly ranked companies. What set TIPEQ apart during that time was Sasha’s honesty. He didn’t try to sell us things that we don’t care about (such as excessive millworks!). More importantly, he was up front with us about the problems that might occur. For instance, we wanted to open up our leaving area by removing a wall. Every contractor that came before him tried to persuade us not to do this by giving us various reasons that didn’t make any sense, for instance one suggested that this is not a good idea because in their opinion we might loose our privacy. When Sasha came to inspect the place, he told us right off the bat that the beam needed for the new opening is not a standard beam and so it might not be a straight forward process. But he said he is up for the challenge *and* he pulled it off GREAT!
During the process, Sasha worked with us, communicated through every stage and updated us every one to two weeks. As it is a realistic part of the process, some unforeseen things came up during the renovation. Every time, Sasha stood beside us, gave us options and explained the problems, which helped us making informed decisions. Of course, TIPEQ is not the cheapest option out there, but you truly get what you pay for! They have finished our project on budget, and explained every dollar spent during their regular updates.
This team gave us our absolute dream home. Sasha is an honest, stand up business owner whose firm is really about TIPEQ (Trust-Integrity-Passion-Efficiency-Quality). We would definitely recommend TIPEQ to anyone renovating who is looking for a great team, quality work and the utmost professionalism.

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Dear Ali and Bahar, thank you very much for your sincere words. It is the greatest achievement for us when the message held within TIPEQ is being heard and appreciated. We are grateful for your patience and trust in us. We hope you’ll enjoy your home for many years to come.

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Date Posted: 01 Jan, 2028
Written By: Bahar

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