Improve Your Health With These Home Renovations

Is it time to update your home? Focusing on improvements that benefit your health gets you an even better return on your investment. Here are some healthy renovation ideas, brought to you below by The Renovation Directory.

Build a Home Gym

Exercise guidelines recommend a minimum of 150 minutes of moderate exercise each week. Creating a home gym is an easy way to get exercise without leaving home. You cut the commute and don’t have to compete with other gym-goers for equipment. To plan your gym, consider your exercise goals and the type of equipment you want. 

Create a Cozy Bedroom

If you’re not getting at least seven hours of quality sleep each night, you might have memory problems, mood changes, poor balance, and a higher risk of health conditions. Renovating your bedroom to create a cool, quiet, dark sleeping environment can help you improve your sleep quality. Painting the walls a soothing color like blue or green can help you feel calm in your bedroom.

Separate Work and Play

Working from home makes it difficult to separate work and personal tasks. Long work hours can have negative health effects, including higher stress levels and an increased risk of heart disease. Help separate the two by creating a well-defined home office. A highly functional home office can also improve productivity and lower your stress.

Make Safety Modifications

Whether you or your partner have a disability, or if you’re a retiree planning for the future, it’s important to make improvements that can contribute to your safety. Since falls are the leading cause of death for seniors, using a fall prevention approach can actually cover a lot of safety issues in the home. Ideal changes include fixing loose steps or handrails, adding grab bars in the bathroom, installing a taller toilet and putting down non-slip flooring. 

Expand Outdoor Space

Upgrading or expanding outdoor areas lets you get more fresh air and soak up vitamin D. Renovate an outdated patio with fresh pavers, or enlarge the patio so you can entertain, do yoga, and meditate outdoors.

Adding a fence keeps your kids and pets safe. Fences can cost from $13 to $50 per linear foot depending on the material and location. Get multiple quotes from fencing companies, and verify that they’re licensed, insured, and knowledgeable about avoiding underground utility lines. Connect with a few contractors on The Renovation Directory so you can get a few quotes before you make a decision.

Let In Air and Light

Improving natural light and airflow can help improve your health. Consider replacing old windows that don’t open for more fresh air. Enlarging windows allows more sunlight into your room. And adding windows to improve cross-ventilation and adding more ventilation throughout helps improve air quality.

Improve Kitchen Functionality

An appealing, functional kitchen inspires you to cook more meals at home. Updating your countertop space and adding storage and organization can make it easier to prepare healthy foods. It also encourages more family meals, which can improve bonding and happiness. Plus, kitchen remodels are one of the best projects for adding value to your home.

Paying for Renovations

Getting a home equity loan can help you fund your healthy renovations. Lenders calculate your home equity by subtracting how much you owe on your mortgage from the probable sale value of your home based on current market conditions. This determines the maximum amount you can borrow with a home equity loan.

Choose Healthy Renovations

Remodeling projects that focus on improving your health help you enjoy your house more and feel better. Focus on changes that will provide the most impact and that don’t break the bank.

Image via Pexels