Home Improvement Strategies (For 2017)

(Outdoors Update)

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In this post I’ll tackle my view on why I don’t do renovations myself, and what types of local contractors you might have to consider for the jobs you have on the go! (More detail on custom homes and excavating)

I don’t want to spend a lot of money on improving my house. Inside or outside. When the wifey starts talking about her wish list of renovation projects she plans on doing over the coming months, I get sick.

Really sick, I just want to get some of my own work done, darn.

Interior Renovations for Homes in Simcoe

For any type of interior renovations, I find them to be mostly cosmetic. Any cosmetic interior renovation I try to brush off as non essential. If there’s a project that NEEDS prompt attention, I will most definitely understand the need to address it.

I don’t recognize if this is a wrong strategy, as it basically means I will only fix a falling down building, as opposed to shoring up bits and pieces as we go along.

For instance, interior renovations are something I am starting to see the value in calling local renovation contractors to come help. I just don’t have the time or skill to address these minor tasks. My wife is highly capable though, but, time is not on her side either.

In many cases I feel like we ought to just start fresh and build a new home. Custom home builders are probably a hard thing to agree upon between a husband and wife, but I’ve found a great one right here in Simcoe. It’s nice to find a custom home builder and designer right in your home town. It certainly makes it feel like they’re really interested in helping you make something awesome. Norfolk County would love it.

Mark Acton is a local home builder and kitchen and bathroom renovations expert. His top tier squad of professional carpenters, painters, and tradesmen make every job in Simcoe and Norfolk County a success. from foundation to that final coat of paint. Check out Mark’s page on his custom home build service.

Exterior renovations for Norfolk County

There’s not too many jobs that we need to have done on the outside of our house. (Again, nothing I call major…) However, there is one big excavating job that would be ideal to get out of the way before winter comes this year.

Our backyard is on a rather steep slope. Granted, it’s sloping away from our house so that there’s no worry of flooding. However, the slope makes it difficult to consider digging for a pool, or putting in a trampoline.

Mini Excavator Rentals in Norfolk County

The idea is to rent a mini bobcat or mini excavator – Something that could get into the tight space of our backyard and move some dirt around… You know, get really dirty!

I think there’s a guy on Park Road in Simcoe that can be of service in this instance. Morris Trucking and Excavating is a heavy machinery rental and excavating company, and with that, they also rent out the drivers as well.

This is very helpful for times like this, where we need the ground moved, dirt moved EARTH MOVED so that we can have a level lot in our backyard. I see on Morris’ services and equipment pages that they indeed offer mini bobcat and backhoe rentals, so we should be able to get them hired and in there.

Renting an excavator with a driver is preferred, as obviously I can not drive one of those backhoe suckers! Now that I think about it, I doubt you can rent such a digger without a driver. It seems the most logical way to deliver such a service. Maybe that is why it is on his services page! It’s more than just heavy machinery, it’s the driver too.

Combine Exterior and Interior Services in Simcoe, Ontario

There exists a perfect harmony of these two companies, Morris and Acton. If you were to start the process of building a custom home in Simcoe, Ontario, you’d first need your permits and your empty vacant lot.

Mark Acton is certainly able to help you discover all the permit gathering criteria for your custom home in Simcoe. The lot however is something you may have to work closely with a realtor to find the lot in Simcoe or Norfolk County that would suit you and your situation. For us, there’s still a couple of available lots behind the Catholic high school in town, so we have our eyes peeled!

What if the Lot is Bush / Not Smooth

That’s where Morris Trucking and Excavating will come in handy. Along with their service offerings, you see that they are certainly able to use their mini bobcat with an attached brush cutter to take care of foliage and trees/weeds. These natural beasts often encroach upon our vacant lots. But Morris will tackle that, as well as level the lot to make it smooth so that you can prepare for the next step: The big foundation dig!

Digging and Excavating a Foundation: Your Future Home in Simcoe

Once you’ve got the necessary municipal building permits and have acquired the vacant lot for your custom home, you’re ready to dig. We break ground with the foundation, which we will use Morris expert excavating service for. The foundation isn’t just a big hole that we fill with cement.

It is specifically designed to silhouette the footprint of the house. Though in our case, I might seek to have a walkout basement. That would be pretty snazzy. Not too many of these new custom homes in Simcoe have walk outs. I love digging and excavating.

The lots back behind the high school are pretty much covered in brush, so using the brush cutting service would definitely be required. It’s a mess back there – Though we can tell by the neighboring new homes that they truly clean up nice. When you’re looking for an accurate representation of what new custom homes will look like by the builders here in Simcoe, this area is your best bet to see who’s doing what, and who’s using better materials and tactics.


I don’t know if there’s any other area of Simcoe that has this much custom home development going on, so I cannot quite speak to that. There’s the area back by Donly Drive where they’ve put in that whole new sub division of new homes. They’re nice, but I don’t think they compare.

Mark Acton has had a hand in several projects in Norfolk County, most notably the recently completed custom home project in Turkey Point, Ontario. It’s a very nice build, check it out: