New York, NY, USA
254 Broadway New York New York 10007 US

Mount Pleasant middle school is an educational institution that doesn’t follow the standard for teaching students. Our school uses unique pedagogical practices for helping young learners obtain new skills fastly. The learning program implies a lot of classes on different subjects like math, literature, English, arts, science, etc. Also, students learn a second language. At Mt Pleasant Ms they are free to choose a language they want to learn. We offer the ability to study Spanish, French, or Italian. In addition, there are physical activity classes where students can release their energy and develop their muscles. In addition, learners can participate in over-curriculum activities. Students can participate in a band or sing in an orchestra after classes.

Worth noting, students don’t get overburdened despite a large number of classes and over-curricular activities. The studying time is arranged properly. As stated on the site, students are divided into small groups formed according to their interests. It foresees the opportunity to have the required amount of rest, including a 30-minute lunch. The website offers a lot of information for parents who want their kids to get a top-quality education. Also, they can stay updated about the news and participate in their children’s lives using the site.

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