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How do I connect an HTML web page to a database?

Connecting an HTML web page to a database typically involves using server-side technologies to handle database interactions. HTML alone cannot directly interact with databases; you need a programming language on the server side to handle the communication. Here is a basic outline of the steps involved:

Choose a Server-Side Language:

You need a server-side scripting language to interact with the database. Common choices include PHP, Node.js, Python (Django or Flask), Ruby on Rails, etc. Choose the language that you are comfortable with or that fits your project requirements.

Set Up a Database:

You need a database to store and retrieve data. Common databases include MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, etc. Install and configure the database server according to your chosen technology.

Create a Database Connection:

In your server-side code, establish a connection to the database using the appropriate library or module for your chosen language. This usually involves providing connection details such as database host, username, password, and database name.

Write Server-Side Code:

Create server-side code to handle database operations. This includes handling user requests, querying the database, and sending the results back to the client. For example, if you’re using PHP, you might use the MySQLi or PDO extension to interact with a MySQL database.

Example (PHP with MySQLi):


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$servername = “your_database_host”;

$username = “your_username”;

$password = “your_password”;

$dbname = “your_database_name”;

// Create connection

$conn = new mysqli($servername, $username, $password, $dbname);

// Check connection

if ($conn->connect_error) {

die(“Connection failed: “ . $conn->connect_error);


// Perform database operations here…

// Close connection



Handle HTML Form Submissions:

If your web page involves user input, create HTML forms that submit data to the server. Use JavaScript or other technologies to enhance user interactions if needed.

Send Data Between Frontend and Backend:

Use AJAX or other methods to send data between the HTML page (frontend) and the server-side code (backend). This allows dynamic updates without reloading the entire page.

Remember, security is crucial when dealing with databases. Use parameterized queries or prepared statements to prevent SQL injection attacks, validate user input, and implement proper authentication and authorization mechanisms.

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