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DOT NET is a free, open-source, cross-platform framework developed by Microsoft. It provides a programming model for building applications that can run on various operating systems, including Windows, Linux, and macOS.


MODULE – 1 : Introduction to Web Applications Html Basic Tags Javascript CSS Introduction to Server Side and Client Side Scripting Web Page Designing using HTML and JavaScript Overview of Asp.Net 4.0 Overview of Request Life Cycle

MODULE – 2 : Introduction to Server Controls Consume Standard Controls. List Controls PostBack issue handling Dynamically adding Controls to webform Navigation Controls File upload control Multiview control Wizard control AdRotator Webparts

MODULE – 3 : Customizing Web Applications Themes and Skins Master Pages and Content Pages Using Style Sheets

MODULE – 4 : Developing and using Webforms Controls Creating Web Forms Application Handling Images ASP.NET Handler to generate images dynamically Navigating between Pages Using SiteMapPath Using TreeView Using Menu Managing Server Controls Server Control Events

MODULE – 5 : Implement Server Controls Create and consume User Control Create and consume Custom control Create and consume composite control

MODULE – 6 : State Management Managing Session and Application Passing complex data using session variable View State Profile Query Strings Managing Cookies

MODULE – 7 : Designing and Implementing Databases with SQL Server Introduction to RDBMS and Database Normalization Creating Tables and Relationships and constraints SQL Fundamentals Stored Procedures

MODULE – 8 : Managing Database with ADO.Net Entity Framework Entity Data Model Linq to Entities Work with Model and not data Data manipulation with Entity Framework Data-bound controls Model First with Entity Framework Entity Data Source

MODULE – 9 : Developing MVC Models and Controllers Exploring ways to create MVC Models Implementing MVC Controllers Creating Action Methods Implementing MVC Views

MODULE – 10 : Introduction to WCF Service Oriented Architecture Building WCF Service. Building WCF Client Application.

MODULE – 11 : Authentication and Authorization Configuring ASP.Net Membership and Roles Anonymous Authentication and Impersonation Windows Authentication Forms Authentication

MODULE – 12 : Language Integrated Query Introduction to Linq Implicitly typed local variable Anonymous types Linq to Objects LINQ to XML.

MODULE – 13 : AJAX Introduction to AJAX Basic Asp.Net Ajax Controls- AJAX extension controls scipt Manager UpdatePanel Timer AJAX control tool kit Accordion TabContainer AJAX Control toolkit extenders AlwaysVisibleExtender Calendar Extender BulletedListExtender ConfirmButtonExtender TextBoxWaterMarkExtender MaskEditExtender DragPanelExtender FilterredTextBoxExtender PasswordStrength

MODULE – 14 : Introduction to jQuery Introduction to Silver light Introduction to Silverlight Introduction to XAML Using Silverlight Controls Using Silverlight Navigation Application Programming Silverlight applications Creating Silverlight WCF Services

MODULE – 15 : Introduction to Mono and cross platform .NET development Configuring and Deploying Web Applications Publishing Web Applications. Create Web Setup Project. Using Copy Web Tool

Radical Technologies is a recognized leader in training of Administrative and Soft- ware Development courses since 1995 to empower IT individuals with competitive advantage for exploiting untapped jobs IT sectors. Radical Technologies dedi- cates itself to simplify the technology trends with its great R&D Division, which lets students stay focused on the new cutting-edge technologies and not waste aspi- rants’ valuable time sorting through the how-to’s and what’s new, that sets Radical Technologies apart from its competitors.

Our Training Centres:- Radical Technologies Aundh – Pune / Exam Centre
4th Floor, Medhi Park, DP Rd, above Bata Showroom, opposite Shiv Sagar Hotel, Harmony Society, Ward No. 8, Wireless Colony, Aundh, Pune, Maharashtra 411007

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