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Every window vinyl window manufacturer strives for quality in their product line. The question is, are they willing to commit both time and the financial resources to achieve that goal. When you take into account a highly competitive marketplace and manufacturing technology that can change on a daily basis, the end result can make or break a manufacturer. Canadian Windows Industries has seen the results of these problems throughout the industry and has taken the necessary steps to safeguard their operation from these pitfalls. As one of Canada’s largest vinyl window and door manufacturers, we know through experience that a quality product is not solely based upon performance and aesthetics, but is achieved through an integrated system that maintains control from start to finish.

Canadian Windows operates under one basic premise; our approach to the manufacturing process is based upon the philosophy that if we can control the supply chain and coordinate that with the manufacturing process our goals can be achieved. This is no doubt easier said than done but Canadian Windows is committed to this philosophy and we are well on our way to accomplishing these goals. While most manufacturers look to their suppliers for help Canadian Windows has invested in a state of the art manufacturing facility that allows them to mix their own compounds, design and extrude their own profiles, produce their own insulated glass units all under one roof. By combining leading edge technology with a fully integrated software program Canadian Windows has taken control of the process and insures those high quality products and consistent lead times are the end result. The commitment does not end there. Fully automated fabrication, welding and cleaning machinery is the next step in the production process and the end result is spectacular.
Our product consistency both structural and ascetically sets us apart from the rest of the industry. Professionals and homeowners have come to rely on the quality and energy saving performance that our vinyl windows, patio doors and our one of kind entry door products have to offer. Canadian Windows offers one of the most complete energy saving glazing packages in the industry, our Solar Solutions glass options allows our customers the opportunity to customize the comfort, security and performance for their windows and doors. Our Solar Solutions glass options include, double pane, triple Pane as well as laminated safety glass and can be ordered with either argon or krypton gas fill for maximum efficiency. We manufacturer our sealed units on a fully automated line that insures quality and consistency from start to finish. This automation includes applying Super Spacer S class standard along with an integrated gas filling machine. Canadian Windows products are Energy Star certified and qualify for both the Canadian and United States tax rebates and incentives.
Canadian Windows manufactures its own profiles and has complete control over quality. We have designed accessories that are integral to our products they work together as a complete replacement window or new construction window system. By producing them ourselves we guarantee exact color matches with a fit and finish that is seamless. Canadian Windows’s proprietary automated manufacturing process allows us to offer five stylish co-extruded cap-stock exterior colours.
Our range of replacement and new construction windows offer unrivalled choice, beauty and value.  They’re flawlessly engineered to work in all climates, too.  And, a benefit that’s truly appreciated by architects, builders and home-owners themselves:  every window we sell is covered by a Lifetime Warranty.
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